BABY Photography - Why Not?

The birth of a baby is a unique moment in your life

andĀ you would likeĀ to capture the innocence and the beauty of that moment. YourĀ baby’sĀ face changes a lot the first few days and it is hard to remember exactly that beautiful face, their little hands and tiny feet, yourĀ expression of joy and pride as parents, the admiration, theĀ emotion, which is what we capture in imageĀ to create memories you can cherish for years to come.

Our Moonlight Photographers areĀ specialised in newborn babies and we know how to handle your little ones, realise a special pause you have in mind and make you feel at home.

Please allow a minimum of one hour for a newborn session.

If desired,Ā feel freeĀ to bringĀ additional props and special family objects such as a symbolic necklace/ring, little shoes, a special blanket…

Hello. The images are uploaded! how gorgeous!Thank you