Ali Moon

Founder - Photographer

Ali Moon is the founder and main photographer of The Moonlight Studios. She has nearly 20 years experience in Photography.  Born in Paris, where she was introduced to Fashion, followed by Photo-journalism. She moved to Australia in 2008 to specialise in Portrait Photography. 

Staring in the Fashion industry as a 17-year old in Paris in 1998, Ali has spend the first 5 years learning about her craft, first in Fashion, at PinUp and Daguerre Studio in Paris, then as an assistant to internationally renknowed photojournalist Stanley Greene (Agence Vu & Noor) , participating in Human rights project in Central and North America. From those years resulted numerous solo exhibitions in Paris: ''Noches Clientes''(2005-2008), ''Chinese Tales''(2007), New York IN and Out''(2008), ''Wild Open'' and the publication of her first book: ''Wild Open''(published in 2009 by Editions Cimus). Those years were followed by an experience in the famous ''Harcourt'' Portrait Studio in Paris( Studio created in 1934 specialising in Black and White Portraits of Movie Stars and Celebrities. In 2008, she migrated to Australia and learned Children Portrait photography on a 3-year journey across Australia with the company Gotcha. In 2011, The Moonlight Studios were born in Fremantle. With a diverse and extensive experience in Fashion, Photojournalism, Portraiture and Commercial Photography, Ali likes to be able to mix the genres to deliver quality imagery that people will cherish.