Album Square

Posted by Ali Moon

In our collection of vinyl album, this 6x6 inches Black Vinyl cover is a nice keepsake to display and carry with you to show your loves ones your new family photographs. It comes with a hand made elegant black box and an insert for a Dvd. Originally of 20 pages, its siblings : 8x8 inches & 10x10 inches will offer you up to 50 pages, for you most busiest memories, would it be your wedding day or a exciting long desired family shoot. For more info, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Love our dogs!

Posted by Ali Moon

When you photograph dogs in a studio, it is handy to keep some treats handy! 

And don't be shy to make silly noises to keep the attention of your loved pet!

For outdoor shoots, simply follow your dog play and be, a good and fast camera is definitely a must, and the eyes of a professional help you transform reality into a work of art.