Wedding album

Posted by Ali Moon

Think of our future generation and print your images!!

Whether form your Iphone, Computer, Tablet, please take a moment once in a while to print some of your best shots so your children, grandchildren and great grand children can share some moment of your life too!

If you too have experienced the magic of discovering old prints from your ancestors, wedding photographs with all your family, nice happy portrait of your parents... you will know what i mean!

So please, even if you have bought the digital images of your wedding, print an album and paper photographs and keep memories alive for the next generations!

Wedding season

Posted by Ali Moon

Can you see this in any other replace? A photograph tells a thousands words and this one is telling us we are on an Australian beach! How many have the chance of surrounding themselves with such sightseeing!

The wedding season starts for us in Perth and Fremantle, if you would like to reserve one of our photographers for the coming season, find out our calendar by contacting us on 0438 811 243 and secure your best wedding photographer!