New Born

Posted by Ali Moon

A few tips for New Born Photography:

Have some patience and be delicate, new bronx are fragile little things.

Make sur you have clean hands, a clean studio, and clean props.

Plan some heating in the room for winter months.

If you want sleeping shots, arrange with the parent(s) a time the baby is asleep, the ideal is to start the shoot while baby is asleep and it would eventually wake up and then you can take photos with the parent(s) and eyes open, smiling...

There are many different poses you can do, but for us professional baby crying is a no-no generally and always tuck the little legs and arms in and have the baby rolled in as mush as you can, it's more esthetical and more cute too!

Keep the Feet and Hand shoots until the end, at this stage you dont photograph the baby's face anymore.

More tips next time..

Love our dogs!

Posted by Ali Moon

When you photograph dogs in a studio, it is handy to keep some treats handy! 

And don't be shy to make silly noises to keep the attention of your loved pet!

For outdoor shoots, simply follow your dog play and be, a good and fast camera is definitely a must, and the eyes of a professional help you transform reality into a work of art.